The lucidato finish creates a glossy, reflecting and smooth surface.


A matt and substantial surface: generally smooth or with subtle textures.


The silk finish is smooth, velvety and silky to touch, with a special matt appearance.


6 mm

Slabs with a 6-mm thickness make cutting, drilling and edge processing easy.

They are light and easy to transport and handle.

They are ideal for covering furniture with internal supports.

9 mm

Resistant slabs, suitable for furniture and preferably for use with supporting materials.

Their surface can be processed (e.g. cuts and holes) as well as their edges.

12 mm

The 12-mm thickness offers a very high resistance.

These slabs can be used as tables and tops without a supporting material.

Edge processing is very visible and enhances the thickness.


Pencil round

Assembly with glass

Straight edge

Rounded straight edge

45° mitered edge

45° mitered and rounded edge

Chamfered edge

Doubled beveled edge

Doppia rounded edge

Full bullnose